Digital Delivery

We will send your digital files back to you in three different ways.

All three options contain the archive files as large uncompressed TIFs, with smaller JPG files sized for viewing on screens (mobiles, tablets, TVs, computers) up to 4K.

We can supply the files on DVD discs, which is suitable if you still have drives on your computer and have only one or two photographs that have been restored.

Note that these DVDs are not going to be suitable for a "slide show" if put into a DVD player. Those players will not recognise the .TIF files and will "downsize" the picture of a 4K .JPGs. These discs a refor storage only.

The second option is on a USB thumb drive, suitable for larger orders and direct connection into a computer or a modern TV.

Orders £100 and will be returned in a presentation box. Under £100 will be returned on a standard branded drive.

The third option is a digital download. We will supply you with a link to download your files from. The link will be live for one month.

In all options we recommend you make a backup if you have not taken a “copy” option from us.