“Bespoke” is where there is major damage to the photograph, particularly in key areas like the face and the photograph itself is over 7 x 5 inches.

“Bespoke” images can take major effort to restore. We would make an evaluation of the effort by viewing the photograph. If you would like me to provide a quote please take a snapshot of the photograph on your telephone and send it to

We can provide you with prints or wall art of your restored photograph. Details of the wall art options can be found here.

The photographs should be generally sharp. It is a common misconception that restoration can fix blurred photographs. If I believe there is nothing that I can do I will tell you when I have received the email request for the quote.

To restore the photograph, we would need to scan the original on our own equipment. We do this to a very high level. It is not possible to do a restoration from a picture of the photograph on your telephone. If you cannot share the original, I am afraid I cannot help.

This 1930s photograph of brothers and sisters in a family group is a good example of “Bespoke”. It it approximately 12 x 8 inches, has colour marks, sections missing, major creases and scratches, part of bodies missing and loss of detail in some of the faces. To reconstruct the missing areas is time consuming.