We help to protect precious memories

Old photographs say a great deal about families, communities, places and people. I find too often they are not well kept, so they fade, rip or get other damage. Once gone what they captured is lost forever. I restore photographs so they can be digitally archived, viewed and printed to keep the past alive.

" ....did a great job with the old pictures I sent him."

Gary, taken from Bidvine review

" ....took a damaged photograph of my first dog to restore. I am very pleased with the work done.."

Scott, taken from Bidvine review

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A 5 x 3 inches original with slight scratching and brown marks, with the main features generally untouched.


Example of a large class restoration

This original is only 5 x 3 inches but it is heavily damaged, with missing areas and scratches over important areas like face and eyes.


Bespoke heavily damamged original

This image was 12 x 8 inches mounted on card with large parts missing, torn and scratched, with significant yellowing. Resotration took take several days effort.